This Weekend @ Revolution || Man vs. Wife Part 1

I’m so, so excited for this week at Revolution Church. I wish we were having church today, I’m that excited about what is happening this weekend.

We are kicking off our brand new series Man vs. Wife. Here’s what is up for this weekend:

  • I’ll be preaching from Ephesians 5:22 – 25 and looking at what God calls a woman to, how decision making and communication are to play out in a marriage, and how to prepare for marriage as a woman. We’ll also look at how a woman finds her identity in Jesus instead of her emotions, body, marriage, finding a husband or her children.
  • We’ll also look at how a man protects his future wife by how he protects his heart now, how he protects his daughter and wife as he leads them in their family.
  • It is going to be an eye opening week as we unpack what Scripture actually says about things like submission and male headship.
  • We kicked off our Christmas Offering recently and I’m really excited about the response so far. For more information on what it is going to and how you can be involved, go here.
  • As we enter the Christmas season, here are some things you can be praying for at Revolution Church.
  • If you haven’t “Liked” the Revolution Fan Page on Facebook, do so now. It is one of the ways we communicate and pass on resources for sermons and other ways to help serve you in your spiritual growth.

This is definitely a week you don’t want to miss at Revolution Church. So, bring someone with you (you never know when a simple invite will make an eternal difference).

Remember, we meet at 8300 E. Speedway Blvd. at 10am

See you on Sunday!