Act Your Size

One of the things many pastors struggle with is how to lead the church depending on the size they are. There’s a leadership adage pastors talk about that if you want to grow your church, you must act larger than what you are. There is a lot of truth in this. But how much larger?

I talked to a guy the other day who leads a church of 100 who has someone answer his email because he heard a larger church pastor say his assistant checks his email. I heard a guy who leads a church of 200 say he doesn’t meet with people in his church because he wouldn’t do that when they were 1,000.

While these may sound ridiculous, they are both true.

At Revolution Church, we’ve always sought to lead the church based on what we would do if we were twice our size.

A few things I think leaders should keep in mind as they lead their churches or teams:

  1. Know what size you are right now. While leaders are to live in the future and be able to cast vision, your church lives in the present. The guy in your pew doesn’t care if you want your church to be large, he wants your attention and has a need he wants addressed.
  2. Be as available/accessible as possible. This is different for each leader depending on their personality and gift set. While you can’t counsel everyone, visit everyone, know everyone, you should do it for some. Andy Stanley said, “Do for one what you’d like to do for everyone.” Your church is never too big, your schedule is never too packed to be a pastor to someone.
  3. Do what you call others to do. If you call your leaders and people in your church to spend time with those who don’t know Jesus, to be a missional community or small group, then you do the same. You are not above this. I see a lot of pastors though who say, “My community is the staff or elders.” There’s some truth to that, but you call others to do it, you need to model it. If you are too busy or too important for community at your church, don’t be surprised when others tell you the same thing.
  4. Think twice your size. As I said before, a healthy way to lead is to lead and think twice your size. It keeps you close enough to where you are and far enough into the future to lead your church well.

Question: How far into the future should a leader think? What ways can you act your size while leading into the future well?