10 Gospel Truths about Homosexuality

Saw this on JD Greear’s blog. You can read more here or watch him discuss this here.

Here are the 10 theses about Christianity and homosexuality:

  1. The point is really not homosexuality; the point is the Lordship of Jesus.
  2. Our stance on this issue may be one of the most important tests of faithfulness in our generation.
  3. The loss of gender identity has devastating consequences for society.
  4. God loves the homosexual.
  5. God doesn’t send people to hell for homosexuality.
  6. We speak as redeemed sinners, not saints.
  7. Just because you’re ticking people off doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong.
  8. Avoid pat answers or simplistic statements.
  9. We can and should be friends with people who are homosexuals.
  10. Sexual ethics are not the center of Christianity.

Question: Do you agree? Disagree?


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