Living out the Family Identity

We talk a lot at Revolution about our identity in Christ and what that means. One of the identities we seek to embody in the life of our church and our missional communities is the identity of family. This one can be the toughest to figure out because we simply think of the family we had growing up and either try to be that or the opposite.

One thing I think is easy to do in the name of family or community is in the area of sharing things and how we listen. I think it is easy to listen to someone vent and then be done and say, “Look, we’re being family, they had room to share.” That’s only part of it and I think if we stop there, we fail as family. Family then has a responsibility to appropriately challenge that person with the gospel. To ask why they are reacting that way, what their sin in the situation is, what they are believing about themselves, the other person they vented about and God. What does the gospel have to say about all of those answers?

If we stop at simply listening to someone, we fail them and the rest of our missional community family.

Here’s how. We don’t give them an opportunity to grow, we miss an opportunity to grow in how we talk about the gospel and challenge people with it, our MC misses seeing it happen, they miss hearing the gospel and its implications for someone’s life.

Question: What is the hardest part of living out the family identity in community? I’d love to hear thoughts.