Prophet, Priest & King (Dave Bruskas)

Today, me and the rest of our pastors are at Mars Hill Connect Day. Really enjoying the time with the team and what we’re learning. The second session was with the Network Pastor of Mars Hill Church, Dave Bruskas.

Here are my notes:

  • Jesus loves his church
  • Jesus holds the title of Senior Pastor
  • This is not a personality profile or spiritual gift assessment
  • The goal of triperspectival leadership is How do we as a team lead the church well?

If Jesus is the Senior Pastor of the church, how does that play out in the life of the church?

  • Jesus leads his church through 3 primary functions: prophet, priest, and king

Ephesians 4:11 – 13 

  • Jesus doesn’t just give gifts to leaders, he gives gifted leaders to the church he loves
  • Jesus gives leaders to the church so that in collective unity would know Jesus, we get full knowledge of Jesus when Jesus gives gifted leaders to the church so that He can lead the church
  • Jesus leads his church by giving his church gifted leaders, so that those gifted leaders might proclaim him so that the church in unity grows

Ephesians 4:15

  • We grow up in truth through love


  • Leaders help people move in the direction of becoming more like Jesus
  • No one man can best fill all the offices of Senior Pastor Jesus
  • Leading the church on mission with Jesus is a team project
  • You have everything and everyone you need to reach everyone God wants you to reach
  • Your leadership team is most likely imbalanced or incomplete if you are not making progress on mission
  • The best way to build your team is to key off of the lead pastor
  • Your team will progress from prophet, to priest, to king
  • The best team is the one that best reflects the leadership of Senior Pastor Jesus