Churches Made up of Churched People

When I finished reading Andy Stanley’s latest book Deep & Wide (kindle version), my first thought was, “This might be one of the best books I’ve ever read on church ministry or leadership.” It is chock full of wisdom, things churches can learn and ways staff’s can grow together to be effective. I’ll share a full review on September 25 when it releases, but over the coming week I wanted to share a few longer quotes from the book that pushed some thinking for me. Some I agreed with, others I didn’t, but ones I wanted to share with the My World community.

Churches designed for saved people are full of hypocrites. You pretty much have to be a hypocrite to participate. Transparency and honesty are dangerous in a church created for church people. Consequently, the casualty in a church for church people is grace. It’s hard to extend grace to people who don’t seem to need it. And it’s hard to admit you need it when you aren’t sure you will receive it.

Agree? Disagree? Why?

3 thoughts on “Churches Made up of Churched People

  1. How would you create a church that has a balance of saved and unsaved people? It seems like most churches I’ve been to seem to be either created to draw in new believers/unbelievers, or they’re designed to teach people who are already saved and move them further down the road of sanctification. In both cases, one group seems excluded. I also don’t know how to tell when a church has that balance (preaching the gospel to people who don’t know it, and building on it for people who do). A related question would be, how much responsibility for spiritual growth rests on the church and how much rests on the individual?

  2. I believe the Church has to exist in 2 forms, they are the Church gathered and the Church scattered. There are some things the “Church” is commanded to remember. Communion for one, and yet Paul warns about taking it in an unworthy manner. An unbeliever cannot fully understand all that the Lords Supper represents. Therefore reserved for the Church gathered. However, the Great commission cannot be carried out within the walls of the Body.
    I see the problem as this. We have brought the mission of the Church scattered, into the fellowship of the Church gathered.

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