4 Truths Ephesians 2 says about Followers of Jesus

I preached on Ephesians 2:1 – 10 today at Revolution Church. Here are 4 truths it has to say about followers of Jesus:

  1. You’ve experienced resurrection. Your living death has been turned into true life. You see the truth of your changed life as a daily reality. As we celebrate communion in a minute, it is real because you know what life was like before the reality of the hope of Jesus changed your life.
  2. Your new life is the very creation of God, not yourself. This is what leads you to worship him in your daily, follow Scripture, fight your sin, live on mission, hold your stuff loosely, have integrity, and seek purity in your relationships. Out of gratitude, not because Jesus demands it, but because you get to respond to his love.
  3. You’re exalted with Jesus. This means we enjoy unparalleled privilege, honor and security. We can approach God without fear, and that we have all we need in life.
  4. You experience God’s abundant kindness through eternity.

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