No Soliciting

This past Saturday night was our last Saturday night service for Revolution Church. We had a short service celebrating what God has done and beginning to look forward to the future. One of the things we did was prayer walk through the neighborhood around Magee middle school, where we’ll meet as a church, and hang up door hangars in the surrounding neighborhoods. We handed out close to 5,000 of them. It was cool to see Revolutionaries prayer walking together and hearing stories of what God did on the way.

Here’s one from a Revolutionary that encountered a “No Soliciting” sign:

The one house I went to had a no soliciting sign on it. We had decided as a church to follow the rules when these signs were posted on homes and neighborhoods. The family at this house was actually sitting in the car in the driveway as I walked up to their house (it was getting dark so I didn’t see them at first). When I got to the door, I saw the sign and turned to leave without putting up the door hangar. They called out to me from the car to ask what I was selling. I told them I was with Revolution Church, we were moving into the area and we were hosting a movie night for the neighborhood. They asked, “You with a church, and you didn’t give us a door hangar. Why not?” I told them, “I saw your no soliciting sign and wanted to respect that.” He looked at me and said, “Give me your flyer, we’ll come to your movie.”

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  1. Awesome to see how a simple show of respect was used to impact someone for the gospel. Man, we gotta take off our blinders and see those we hope to minister to not as “souls” only but also as people.

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