New Series @ Revolution Starts in 2 Weeks

Image is Everything.

Those words describe so much of how we live our lives. We all care deeply about what other people think about us. From our clothes, to our hair, our house, the way our kids dress and behave, how much money we make. Deep down we wonder if we stack up, if we have what it takes.

In business, we wonder if we can climb to the top, make more money than everyone else, to be the best. With our bodies, we push and push to be skinnier, wear the latest clothes, have the trendy haircut. All for others to be jealous of us. With our kids, we push them to live out the dreams we failed to reach, to climb to the top of their class, all to have the life we never had.

In the end, we end up as lost as when we started.

Many of us spend our whole lives trying to figure out who we are. Or, trying to be someone else. Whether we put up a fascade of a life on Facebook, pretend our marriage is better than it really is, act like we aren’t as hurt or as lonely as we really are.

What if there was a truth that changed everything about how we saw ourselves?

What if, the way God saw us changed everything?

On September 9, the first day at our new location we will kick off a brand new series at Revolution Church called Image is Everything.