Getting Naked

Over the weekend, I read Patrick Lencioni’s book Getting Naked: A Business Fable about Shedding the Three Fears that Sabotage Client Loyalty (kindle version). Admittedly, of all the book by Lencioni that I’ve read, this is the one that is the least applicable to most leaders. But, what is in here is still solid gold.

He talks about consulting a lot in this book and how to help clients. What keeps leaders from helping those they work with or lead are 3 fears:

  1. The fear of losing business (or followers)
  2. The fear of being embarrassed
  3. The fear of feeling inferior

In the end, this book is all about building trust and credibility as a leader.

For me though, I saw a ton of applications for pastors. Not only when they lead, but in their preaching.

Too many pastors are scared to say certain things. They are scared to hit difficult topics like sex, divorce, homosexuality, or any sin for fear of offending people. They struggle with saying, “You are sinning and choosing a lesser life.” Because, they don’t want to lose anybody. There is also an idea that pastors, because they are shepherding don’t every say hard things or offend people. Now, the goal of preaching is not to offend people or to hurt people. But, pastors should say hard things. They should lovingly challenge a man who wants to leave his wife. They should challenge a mom who is choosing her career over her children. They should challenge someone who is choosing to not trust God with their finances. They should challenge the idols of the heart in people’s lives.

And they should do all those things without fear of losing people.

Pastors should not fear being embarrassed or inferior. They should be willing to throw crazy ideas, ask hard questions, even dumb questions. They should be willing to say “I don’t know the answer to that.” This gets at their willingness to be vulnerable. To admit weakness, to admit failure.

Overall, it was a fast read. Interesting and made some good points. For pastors, this is one of his weaker books, but still worth reading.