Leadership Summit Session 4 | Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel wrapped up the first day of the Willow Creek Leadership Summit with a talk titled “The Strongest Link.”

Craig is the Founding and Senior Pastor of Lifechurch.tv, a pioneer in multi-campus church, LifeChurch.tv holds 76 weekly worship experiences, ministering to over 40,000 people. They are known for leveraging technology to reach a new generation, including the development of LifeChurch’s popular YouVersion Bible App.

He is the author of It, The Christian Atheist, Weirdand Soul Detox

Here are some highlights I grabbed from his talk:

  • My advice to older pastors, don’t resent, fear or judge the next generation. Believe in them because they need you.
  • If you aren’t dead, God isn’t done with you yet.
  • You don’t just delegate tasks, you create followers. You delegate authority to create leaders.
  • Authenticity trumps cool.
  • Younger leaders need older leaders to come alongside of them. Don’t be prideful, you need older leaders.
  • The younger generation is known as entitled.
  • When you’re entitled, you overestimate what you can do in the short run, but you will underestimate what you can do through a lifetime of faithfulness.
  • Honor given publicly leads to influence privately.
  • You’re husband might not be honorable because you don’t show him honor. Honor is given, respect is earned.
  • We have to be intentional about creating opportunities to learn from one another
    • Create ongoing feedback loops from those who are older and younger than you
      • Allow those in other life stages to speak into your message before giving it
    • Create specific mentoring moments
    • Create opportunities for significant leadership development
  • The next generation believes in themselves more when the older generation believes in them
  • If you are younger, honor those who went before you.

What was your biggest takeaway from this session?

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