Today Ava is 7

Today Ava turns 7. It is hard to believe that I have a 7 year old in my house.

Spent this morning eating pancakes with the birthday girl. She requested pizza for her birthday dinner. Not my grilled pizza mind you, but pizza in an oven. Hurt my feelings but reminded myself that she is 7 and may not have a fully developed food palate yet.

One of the things I do every year on my kids birthday is write them a letter of things that happened in our family and their lives over the past year. I talk about ways I’ve seen God move in their lives, what is new, what has happened, etc. These are letters that I’ll give them when they turn 18 as a way of creating a storyline for their lives. I hope they are something they’ll look back on, have good memories.

One of the things that has impressed me about Ava in this past year is I am beginning to see how the words quiet strength are starting to define who she is as a little girl and hopefully will define her as a woman. She is soft spoken, creative and has a strength that has recently impressed me with the addition of Nehemiah to our family.

This past year, Katie and I began praying Luke 2:52 over our kids. Every night, I pray with Ava that she will increase in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.

What birthday traditions do you have with your kids? What was your favorite birthday tradition growing up?

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