Don’t Forget

This past Saturday I preached out of Joshua 4 and talked about the time that the nation of Israel crossed the Jordan River to begin entering the promised land. Before going into the promised land, God commands them to build a memorial to remember what God has done.

It seems odd that God would tell them to build a pile with rocks.

The reality though of faith is that it is easy to forget what God has done. When facing the prospect of unemployment, health issues, marital problems, loneliness, sin or addictions, past hurts. Those issues seem insurmountable in the moment. They seem bigger than God.

God commands Joshua and the nation of Israel to build stones of remembrance so that when they do forget what God did, when what they are facing seems insurmountable, they will remember what God did in the past. They will remember his faithfulness, his protection and his provision.

This is important for leaders as well. Leaders will face challenges. They will lose their buildings, staff will be tough, they will have leadership shortage challenges, counseling sessions that don’t go well, people in their church will leave, lash out at them. A leader needs to have something to remind them of God’s faithfulness and provision.

Katie and I have begun talking about how to remind ourselves and our kids of what God has done. How he has provided for us and been faithful.

What things have you put into place to remind yourself of what God has done in your life?

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