Links I Like

  1. A look at the Acts 29 Pastor’s retreat. One of my favorite weeks of the year.
  2. Mark Dever, Matt Chandler & Darrin Patrick discuss Should baptism be spontaneous?
  3. 7 ways to talk to your neighbors about Jesus. Helpful list.
  4. Perry Noble on What he says to church planters.
  5. Ron Edmondson on How a pastor’s wife can truly be a partner to her husband. Great stuff.
  6. Mark Driscoll on 5 things to ask yourself as you read the Bible.

One thought on “Links I Like

  1. I totally agree with Noble. Guys are always whining about how hard it is. “Seattle is tough because there are more dogs than Christians.” “Dallas is tough because there are too many churched, religious people.” Mostly comes from insecurity.

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