It Really Is “Speed of the Leader, Speed of the Team/Church”

I’ve always heard the expression Speed of the leader, speed of the team/church. 

I have seen the truth of this statement even more as we embark on moving as a church and raising the money we need to go portable as a church. When I shared last week that we would be moving as a church to a school and changing days, I knew we were making two very big changes: moving locations and becoming portable, but also changing days. This is not a small change.

At the end of the day though, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the right next step for our church, God’s hand is obvious all over this move. So, I stood up with confidence and said so.

I also did something in the midst of that talk. I talked about the loss we would be experiencing by. I shared some of my apprehensions about moving to Sunday morning and the loss of it (because it is nice having all day Sunday free). But then, I shared my excitement about moving, how God is moving us, how we can have confidence in that and move forward.

Before leaving church, I had over 10 people tell me (and have received more emails since then) saying, “I wasn’t overly excited when I heard we were moving to Sunday morning, but because you are excited, I’m excited and ready to go.”

It really is Speed of the leader, speed of the team/church.