This Weekend @ Revolution

So many great things happened at Revolution Church right now.

  1. This past Saturday, I announced that Revolution will be moving to Magee Middle School. We will begin meeting there on Sunday mornings at 10am on September 9. I shared that to go portable, we need raise a $30,500 and so far almost $23,000 has been committed to by our leaders. We handed out a Fearless card on Saturday night, I want to challenge you to bring that back filled in this Saturday. You can download one here if you need one.
  2. This week, we are continuing our Fearless series and looking at Joshua 2 and how our faith affects those around us. You can think in your own life how the life of someone else affects you positively or negatively. This is crucial to understand how this works so that our lives count for Jesus. It is an enormous part of who we are as a church.
  3. Mark your calendar as well for August 4. We will be having a church picnic right after the service and will be having a baptism that night. We’ll have some jumping castles and games for the kids and just a good time of being together. If you’d like to get baptized that night or have questions about it, please email Mike Miller.
  4. Here’s an example of a great win we as a church experienced this past week of serving Magee Middle School. It’s only the beginning.

As I said, so many great things are happening right now at Revolution, that I don’t want you to miss. So, I’ll see you this Saturday, at 5pm and bring someone with you to experience all that God is doing.

Remember, we meet at 6620 E 22nd St.

See you Saturday.