Mission Opportunities for Revolution Church’s Move

I shared this past week that Revolution Church is moving to Sunday morning on September 9 and we will be meeting at Magee Middle School. The response to this move from our church has been overwhelming. It is exciting to see the excitement that people have about this move. I am excited about this for a number of reasons, but one of them are the mission opportunities for us as a church and individuals.

Here are just a few:

  • Having your Saturday night free to hang out with friends. Let’s face it, a lot of things happen on Saturday’s. Either parties for kids, things downtown on 4th Ave., U of A football games, sports for kids, and a variety of other things. For the last 4 years, our family has had to say no to much of this because of church and we’ve missed some great opportunities to be with people who don’t know Jesus.
  • Unchurched people are more conservative about church attendance. I shared this when I talked about our move, but we have seen this personally in our own church and seen it through a variety of polls and studies. When it comes to church attendance, unchurched people are more conservative than churched people.
  • Blessing Magee. We’ve already had some opportunities to bless the faculty and students of Magee with some simple things they’ve asked for. I’m excited about the potential of an MC focused on serving and loving the school, and other ways we as a church will be able to be the gospel to them.

3 thoughts on “Mission Opportunities for Revolution Church’s Move

  1. WAS… not very excited about the move & bummed about being in a school for church & new location to drive to & having to get up early for church on Sunday again….BUT…. hearing how excited & moved you are about the move & your confidence in that it is the best thing for our church & more importantly for the kingdom of God. I have a change of heart

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