Revolution Church is Moving

Six months ago I announced that Revolution Church would have a new home at the end of the summer as 22nd St. Baptist Church would not be renewing our lease. We have had 2 great years meeting at 22nd St., but God has made it clear He has another place in mind for us.

The last 6 months have been exciting, faith stretching and sometimes frustrating as we looked at places, waited for calls back, waited for God to open the right doors and finally he did. As usual, the door he opened was not the door we expected.

After a lot of prayer as leaders, we have made the decision to move to Magee Middle School located on Speedway, near Camino Seco. We will also be transitioning to Sunday morning when we make this move. So, on September 9th, we will meet at 10am. Until then, we will continue to meet at 22nd St. on Saturday nights at 5pm.

I shared the whole story of our process over the last 6 months last night in my sermon. If you missed it, you can get all the details and how we know this is God’s next step for us here.

There are 3 things I am asking all Revolutionaries to do as we get ready to move:

  1. Pray for this move and the days ahead. Pray for unity among our church. Satan will look for any way to tear us apart because we are moving to help more people join the movement of God and spend eternity with Jesus. Pray for the details of the move, that we would be a blessing to Magee and the neighborhood they are in.
  2. Move with us. You might think, I like Saturday night, I don’t want to move to Sunday morning. I want to challenge that. While we are comfortable on Saturday night, God is pushing us out of our comfort zone and I don’t want you to miss what he is going to do when we move. You just might miss one of the greatest adventures of faith.
  3. Give. We need to raise a little over $31,000 to get the equipment we need, as well as to bless Magee with some things as we move in, and our weekly need will increase $200 because of rent at the school. The list of what we are hoping to buy to do what we do in the areas of worship, hospitality, Planet Rev, Rev Up, signage and blessing Magee can be seen here. And I want to invite you to be a part of that. To give to the fearless campaign, simply click here and put Fearless in the note section when you give online. Or you can give on Saturday night by putting Fearless on your offering envelope or in the memo line of a check. Before announcing this move to the larger church, we pulled our leaders together a week ago and challenged them to give first and they committed to give over $22,500 above and beyond what they normally give back to God at Revolution, they also committed to up their weekly giving by $640. Like we saw in Joshua 3 last night, they are taking the first step. Now it’s time for us to take that step with them.

For more information on what we need to buy, what the money will go to and how you can be involved in it, click here.