This Weekend @ Revolution: How do you Know What’s True

So far, this series through the book of 2 Peter has been one of my favorite series we’ve ever done. The theme of looking at the lies we build our lives on is so important. If we don’t build our lives or make decisions based on truth, we end up in the wrong places, often hurt and living a life we wish we could trade in.

Last week, we looked at The Lie that Affects our Whole LifeIf you didn’t grab the 10+10 questions or the family bible study questions, you can download them by clicking the links. If you are new to Revolution Church and curious why we provide these questions or how best to use them, here is a quick blog post to answer those questions.

This weekend we will be continuing in 2 Peter and looking at 2 Peter 1:16 – 21 and looking at how we know what is true in our life and in our world. We are bombarded everyday with messages. Online, in magazines, on TV, through friends. We have our favorite authors, favorite artists, even our favorite pastors, but how do we know if what these people are saying is something that we should follow. Most of us go by the sensory response of if what they are saying makes us feel good or if it aligns to what we already think, but Peter spells out a standard for the church that is far more reliable. Even for Peter, an apostle , who was an eyewitness of the death and resurrection of Jesus says that the test of a true teacher is not their resume, not their success and not their popularity. The ONLY litmus test by which true teachers are to be judged is on their alignment to what Scripture teaches. Because of this, a litmus test for the health of a Christian, is that their love, awareness and dependence on the Bible should be constantly growing.

This weekend is Mother’s Day and because of that, we will be having a special opportunity for you to take a family picture for FREE. Before both services, you and your family can get a free family picture through a photographer that attends Revolution Church. This is a great opportunity for your family. This is also a chance if you don’t have kids to send a picture to your mom and update your facebook picture. If you are a woman, call the men in your life (sons, husband, brother, nephews, son-in-law) and tell them that for Mother’s day, you simply want them to join you for church and for them to treat you to dinner afterward.

I know for many of us, this weekend is an exciting weekend as we celebrate the women in our lives. For others, this is a painful reminder. For some, it is the reminder of a mother who is no longer with you. For others, it is the reminder of the dream of being a mother that has not been fulfilled. Because of that, at the end of each service during our prayer time, we want to invite those who don’t celebrate this weekend, but who instead you mourn in this area of your life. We want to invite you during the response time of communion to go to one of our leaders in the prayer corners, for us to pray over you. God is sovereign, and His comfort is real, even when life is the hardest.

Remember, we meet at 4 & 5:30pm at 6620 E 22nd. St.

See you Saturday.