How to Make Decisions as a Church/Leader

Everyone has a framework for how they make decisions. Every team, church, organization. It might be, make it up as you go, you might actually have questions you walk through, but you have a framework. The success of your decisions will show if that framework is working at all.

In his book The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business, Patrick Lencioni talks about the 3 anchors of making decisions. He points out that 3 seems to be a magic number in many ways. The stool is an example of that, it also has to do with what people can remember. Once you start getting into 4 or 5 questions, it can become redundant.

For Revolution, we have 3 questions that push our decision making:

  1. Does it fulfill our mission of Helping people find their way back to God? We believe God desires to be in a relationship with everyone, that he has created a way to do that. Because people are on a different place in their spiritual journey, this says everyone needs to take a step closer to Jesus. Either by crossing the line of faith or growing closer to him.
  2. Does it reach 20-40 year old men? Every church or organization has a target, whether they want to admit it or not. For a church, your dress, style of music, preaching, times of service, programs, building, location, all affect your target even if you have never defined it. This doesn’t mean you don’t love or want people outside of your target, it just means you are better suited or at least trying to reach a certain kind of person. For us, we’ve learned that a 20-40 year old man is the least likely to attend church. We’ve also learned that what draws men also draws women but does not work the other way. Each program, decision we make must reach this person. This person might be married, might have kids, but asks certain questions that tend to be true of a number of people. Again, this doesn’t mean we don’t love women or 41 year old men, it just means that in everything we do as a church we look through the lens of this person.
  3. Will it keep us simple? Churches are often busy and complex. They do a lot which often pulls against them. We want to do two things, worship services and missional communities. Any idea must not get in the way of those two things. If something will prevent someone from connecting on Sunday morning or in a missional community, we want to stay away from it.

The reality is, this ins’t a one size fit all, this is just how we do it at Revolution Church. If you’re a leader, what 3 questions do you ask for your church or organization?