Q: What do you do With Kids in a Missional Community?

We get this question a lot from other churches. If you do a missional community, what do you with the kids?

A few things are foundational to the answer. The first is, the goal. For Revolution, one of our values/identities that we live by is the identity of family. Our missional communities are to reflect this. So the meal, the time together is like a large family meal, like a thanksgiving. You try to eat the same time, maybe get the kids food first. It is low key, people are talking, moving about, etc.

For our MC, at some point the kids drift back to a room or go outside to play together while the adults finishing eating, not unlike a holiday family meal.

During our discussion, our MC rotates who will be with the kids. If we are a family, it is a families job to teach the kids in that family, to disciple them. Each person/couple in our MC takes a turn (even those without kids). The kids have a lesson, craft, activity based on the same passage the adults are discussing. They do this while the adults are discussing the sermon (which is what our MC’s do for their bible studies).

I think this question misses a bigger piece of what MC’s are about. The MC that Katie and I lead is not just about what we do on Wednesday nights at our house. It is about helping someone move, serving together, having meals together throughout the week. Our kids are a part of this. What we do with them during our Wednesday time is just one piece of it.

If you lead a missional community, what do you do with kids?