This Weekend @ Revolution: Marriage & Men

Last week was a great week at Revolution as we kicked off our “series within the series” and looked at Marriage & Women. If you missed it, you can listen to it here (this podcast also includes both Q&A’s with Katie and I).

This week, we are going to be looking at 1 Peter 3:7 and looking at what Peter calls men to. The question we are looking at in these 2 weeks is “What is the point of marriage and how does that impact how you prepare for marriage when you are single and dating, and how does that impact your marriage after you get married?” The goal for marriage drastically impacts what marriage is like, how you prepare for it, how you see yourself as a man or woman, and how you see and interact with your spouse.

This is definitely a week you don’t want to miss and you need to bring every man with you that you know. Couples who get these things right, go a long way to having the marriage God promises.

I want to ask you to do a few things. One, bring someone with you this week and next week. An easy way to do that is to go to our fan page and share this photo on your Facebook wall and say, “Ever feel like you and your spouse aren’t on the same page? Thinking about getting married one day, but you aren’t sure? If so, join me this weekend at Revolution Church. For more info, go to” And two, copy this link and post it on your Facebook wall with the same message as above. You can also email it out to others. I believe this week has the power to change a lot of lives and marriages, ones that are struggling now and ones that are on their way, to help strengthen them.

We are also having a child dedication this weekend. If you are interested in dedicating your child and making a commitment to raising them in a gospel centered way, please contact Yvonne Barreras. If you are dedicating your child, let me encourage you to use this opportunity to invite people with you. Child dedications are an easy invite to friends and family and they’ll also get to hear the gospel, which will make a huge impact in their lives.

Remember, we meet at 4 & 5:30pm at 6620 E 22nd. St.
See you Saturday.