The Past as an Indicator of the Future

There is a leadership principle that says, “Your past is the best indicator of your future.” Meaning, if you want to know what a person will be like in the future, don’t listen to their promises, words of how they think they will be in the future, look at how they have been.

I think the same can be said with God. One thing that has blown me away reading through the Bible in 90 days is God’s patience with Israel. He continually gives them second, third and fourth chances.

Followers of Jesus talk about the amazing God has done in the past. How he has rescued them. Jesus coming to earth, dying in our place, rising from the dead. We look back when we take communion, share in the celebration of baptism and hear the stories of redemption. Our thinking though, often stops there. We don’t take God’s past performance so to speak and look to the future. If what God has done in the past is so incredible, so life altering, imagine what the present can be and what the future will be like.

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One thought on “The Past as an Indicator of the Future

  1. Josh,

    Great post. I have also done “The Bible in 90 Days” and the same thought struck me. Especially, when the prophets repeat the same message of “repent” over and over again. I used to get annoyed until it finally got through to me that the repetition was actually a sign of God’s love for his people.

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