5 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert on a Christian Nation

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  2. Have you checked the welfare statistics lately? We are a Christian. We do Help the poor. We do care. Where have you been hiding? People from other countries flock to this country because we do care for the poor. I suggest you check your pompous self righteous attitude before making such rediculous statements. Oh, one other thing … Jesus … selfish? … if you’d like a copy of The Passion of The Christ, I’ll send you one … you’ve got to promise to watch it through to the end with out interruption though. Please tell me you’re not a Pastor … please tell me that !!!

    • Just one more comment on this and I’m done. You can also do a little reasearch on aid that this nation sends to other countries that have experienced disasters of any sort … great and small. Please list a few statistics on any other nation in the world, thruoghout history, that can remotely compair to the Christian love and generosity we poor out throughout the entire world to anyone in need. … In the mean time … I’ll do a little research on improving my spelling.

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