Vision Beyond Your Resources

I’m reading through Mark Batterson’s new book The Circle Maker. I’ll blog some thoughts after I’m done, but something jumped out at me in chapter 6. He made the comment that we are to have “vision beyond our resources.”

Often it is easy for my prayers, dreams for my life, my family, our church. It is easy for them to be things we can afford.

I still remember the first time I said out loud my dream for Revolution. That everyone in the city of Tucson would within a 10 mile drive of a Revolution Church. I said that for the first time to a room of 30 people. I still sounds crazy, but I believe it will happen.

I resonate with this idea as my life has felt like a series of steps to live out this principle. Moving to Tucson did not make any sense. Starting Revolution didn’t make any sense. Adopting 2 kids makes very little financial sense.

I was reminded this morning while reading this book that if you don’t have a vision beyond your resources, you don’t have a vision. You simply have some thoughts that you don’t need God for.

Do you have a vision beyond your resources or can you accomplish everything in your head? Can you pay for all the dreams and hopes floating around in your spirit? If so, go back and ask God for bigger dreams.

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