What Good is God?: In Search of a Faith that Matters

I’ve always enjoyed Philip Yancey. His book Soul Survivor: How my Faith Survived the Church was unbelievably helpful to me almost 6 years ago when I was in a very dark place in my relationship with God.

His most recent book What Good is God?: In Search of a Faith that Matters was off the charts. I have always resonated with his writing style, his stories and the questions he asks about faith and God. This book set out to answer the question, “What good is God? What does religious faith offer peasants undergoing persecution, or students recovering from a campus massacre, or women who have spent years of virtual slavery in the sex trade? If I can find an answer, or even a clue, to the question of what good is God in situations like these, it will help me with the hard questions of faith that confound all of us at times.”

The book is broken up into 10 parts, with 2 chapters each. Each part is based on a situation or a place he traveled, everything from going to Virginia Tech the week of the campus massacre, going to South Africa, interacting with women rescued from the sex trade. He tells the story, the background, the time of his trip. The other chapter is the talk he gave at a conference, church service or at a dinner.

Often what people are asking when they ask the question this book is based on is, “Why doesn’t God intervene more in life? Why does God allow things to happen that we would stop?” One of the things Yancey shared is that God is everywhere, one of our roles as followers of Jesus is to make him visible in that place. God does intervene in our world, he often chooses to do it through his followers.

This turned out to be a great read, one that goes great with our next series at Revolution Church Hope When Life Hurts the Most. If you are looking for a great book to read that will challenge your thoughts on faith and how God works, this is a book worth picking up.

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