Join Us Christmas Eve at Revolution Church

All of us long for a hero.

We are drawn to movies and stories with a hero. Every great story has one. An unexpected, come from behind kind of a hero. One we often see as plain as day for the whole movie or story but in the end feel like we never saw it coming. People like Rudy, Frodo, Rocky. We cheer and something inside us longs for that.

We try to be the hero, we dream of being the hero one day or finding a hero, being swept off our feet by a hero. But the reality is, many of us find ourselves in life situations that are overwhelming. Our career is not what we thought it would, our children are not turning out like we thought, a marriage that is hanging by a thread, our finances are beyond repair and we continue to dig a deeper hole. Maybe this year you got some health news that you were not expecting. Maybe, you’ve struggled with something, a memory, pain, abuse, an addiction, something that no one knows about, something you wish you could be free from and you wonder if freedom is possible, if God could love or forgive you.

And so, we need a Hero.

Not just a run of the mill one. Not a self-help promise, not a “be more positive,” eat better, sleep more, spend less, do what everyone else is doing kind of a hero. But a hero that can actually save us. Actually redeem our lives, our pasts, and our futures. A hero that can pull us out of the pain, the addictions, hurts, abuses, and lost dreams that make up our lives.

Join us Christmas Eve at Revolution Church (we meet at 6620 E 22nd St.) at 4:15 & 5:30pm and find out what life could be like.