T4A Pre-Conference with Tim Chester Session 2

The Together for Adoption conference starts tomorrow, but kicked off today with a pre-conference with Tim Chester. Tim is a church planter with The Crowded House. He is the author of Total ChurchA Meal with Jesus and You can Changethree books that should be required reading for every Christian and church leader.

Much of the material came from his book Delighting in the Trinity.In session 2, Tim covered the The story of God’s mission. He looked at how we have a missional identity and the missional situation we find ourselves in. Our mission flows from the mission of God, who God is as a missional God, and how God being missional shapes us image bearers of God.

Here are some notes:

The missional God

  • The Bible is the story of mission. Mission must be in every fabric of the church.
  • Why does God create the world? God exists in eternal love. God creates not out of any deficiency in himself or because he needs the world, it doesn’t add anything to God.
  • The Father loves the Son and delights to see others love the Son. The Son loves the Father and delights to see others share in that love.
  • God is love, he is creator, he is missional.
  • Missional comes from the Latin word, “to send.”
  • It’s only recently that we use the world missional to describe what the church does, missional has always been what God does.
  • What God does is he governs and he fills, we see this in creation.
  • In the creation of man, God gives him a task, to govern and fill. The two tasks correspond to what God has done in creation.
  • We are given the task of governing and filling. This makes us culture creators, continuing God’s work of creating.
  • All the tasks we do, we do as image bearers of God. Do you do everything with this in mind, every task to show God.
  • We see mission as sorting out the problem, but God gave us the mission from the beginning.
  • In the New Testament, the word Gentiles and the nations are the same word. When Paul talks about the mission, he doesn’t go back to the great commission, he goes back to the promise of Abraham, this is his rational for mission.
  • God will bless all nations through Abraham by keeping the way of the Lord, the way that is right and just (Genesis 18). As Abraham’s family models what it means to know God that they will make God known to the nations.
  • A community will make God known to the world, bring them face to face with God.
  • We are called to carry on the way of our King Jesus.
Matthew 5:13 – 14
  • Salt in the Old Testament is a sign of covenant faithfulness. The nation of Israel has lost its saltiness, it no longer makes God known.
  • They are now trampled, worthy only to be exiled and conquered.
  • The community of Jesus is to be the light Israel failed to be.
  • A city on a hill, is a reference to Mt. Zion that the nations would see from a distance. A city to which the nations stream in order to discover God.
  • As people see our good deeds, they will praise our Father in heaven.
Identity of followers of Jesus
  • Mission is not something we do, or an event. It is central to our identity as followers of Jesus.
  • Mission happens within the context of everyday life: meals, activities, hobbies, work, play, etc.
  • We often separate evangelism from the Christian community and this is one reason the gospel is not attractive. Community creates an open door in our culture because of the isolation of people.
  • Community creates an openness for people to explore the Christian faith.
  • If you share ordinary life, there is a limit to how long you can keep up the pretense. Eventually our mask will come off and people will see who we are and that is when the gospel can become real to those who don’t know when they see how it has transformed us.
  • We will not do mission until we understand the Bible story, mission is how the Bible story goes.
Such a good session on what it means to live out the mission of God.

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