Launching Missional Communities *A Field Guide*

Mike Breen’s book Launching Missional Communities came at just the right time for me. I chronicled the angst I felt over the last 18 months and what God was doing in my heart and the hearts of the leaders at Revolution in our recent vision night.

I love what Alan Hirsch said when he read this book, “For years I’ve written about what the future of the church might look like. Consider this one of the best books around at actually doing the real thing.”

This is a book, that regardless of how you do church, what you believe about mission and community, it will stretch your thinking. It will challenge you. Push you.

They start about clearing showing the need for a change within the American church. Too many churches and pastor’s are willing to do the same thing they were doing 10-20 years ago and hope to get results that are different than what they are getting.

The authors then clearly lay out how to start missional communities, how a church transitions to being oriented around missional communities. How to develop leaders, the criteria, how to multiply MC’s.

They then walk through the inner workings of MC’s. Handling kids, what the gatherings look like, etc.

The most helpful part of the book was all the case studies throughout the book and in part 5.

If I had one criticism about the book is that it has very little to do with the gospel. It has why the church should be designed this why from Scripture, but the gospel is what pushes us to be on mission as a community. Much of the talk about missional communities has more to do with being on mission and less about community and discipleship. While I appreciate that, I think there does need to be a balance.

All in all, if you are wrestling as I was with a sense that mission, community, and discipleship are not hitting on all cylinders, or thinking about making the transition to missional communities, this book needs to be on your list. If for nothing more than to push your thinking to a place it hasn’t been before.