Links of the Week

  1. Michael Hyatt on How to shave 10 hours off your week. Such helpful stuff, I can attest that these do shave time off your week.
  2. Ron Edmondson on 7 suggestions for a pastor or pastor’s wife to find true friends. Great tips here as this is incredibly difficult.
  3. Relevant magazine on The friends with benefits epidemic. This will be one of topics we cover in week 3 of The Vow
  4. How pornography and our culture’s view of sex has perpetuated sex trafficking. This is a fascinating article if you are a man, father, wife or raise a boy. Wow.
  5. What churches can learn from Starbucks.
  6. Trevin Wax on The book Erasing Hell. Sad that a book like this needs to be written to defend what Scriptures say about heaven, hell and eternity. But it is a helpful book on the topic.