Losing Weight Part 1

I get asked almost weekly about losing weight and keeping the weight off. So much so that I thought I’d answer the questions I normally get in a few blog posts. To know where I am now, you need to know some history. I wasn’t always heavy. In my family growing up, we didn’t do leftovers. We ate everything on our plates.

I also have a confession, I love food. Not snacking. Eating. I’ve never been much of a snacker or a dessert guy, just an eater. I love meat. Sides. Not a big veggies fan. I like food, good food.

When Katie and I got married, I was almost 300 pounds. I had a 42 inch waist and wore a 2XL shirt. I remember being 27, my knees and back hurt. I would sweat all the time. I was uncomfortable sitting down because of my stomach. I was miserable. I wondered if this is what someone twice my age felt like.

Here is what I looked like in 2005:

I was not happy. I hated taking my shirt off.

The sad thing was, that just 5 years before this I was in great shape. I played soccer year round, could run an entire soccer game without a problem.

What happened? I quit soccer and continued to eat like I ran soccer games year round as I used to.

From 2008 – 2010 I lost more than 100 pounds so that today I weight 170. I have been the weight I am now for almost a year, which feels amazing.

Today, is 2011 and this is what I look like now:

Here is what I will share this week, how I lost the weight and kept it off. How you work through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual side of health and weight loss. There is a ton here that gets missed and is why I believe people aren’t healthy.

Stay tuned…