Submission is Not Being a Mindless Doormat

Often whenever you talk about submission in marriage, images of male domination and abuse come up. It is sad that somehow men have taken Paul’s command to be like Christ to their wife and family, which means they lay down their life, they die first, they sacrifice, that somehow men have taken that to mean they dominate and push their weight around. I’m not sure how we get Jesus dying on a cross in our place and we play that out as male domination, but that is another post.

Often, when women hear submission, they hear, “Be a mindless, no opinion, quiet, doormat.”

The idea of male headship means that man has been given the primary responsibility of leading his marriage, his family in a God glorifying direction. That he will stand before God and give an account for that. For his wife, it means she will stand before God and give an account for how she helped him or hindered him.

To lead in a God glorifying manner, in a God glorifying direction, a woman needs to be strong, step up to the plate, challenge her husband in appropriate ways, help him to figure out the best way to go. You can’t help him do that, a wife can’t fulfill what God has called her to if she is mindless, has no opinion, is quiet and a doormat. She will stand before God and he will ask, “Why didn’t you use your brain? Why didn’t you give your opinion? Why were you a doormat? I put you there to help him fulfill his calling that I gave him. Why didn’t you fulfill yours?”

One thing I have grown to appreciate about the wives of our pastor’s and elders at Revolution is they are strong women, with opinions. They are also striving to live this out.

I’m pretty excited about talking about this tomorrow night with Katie. She is such a great example of what it means to be a strong, passionate woman of God. You definitely don’t want to miss Revolution.