Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Tonight was one of those nights that was awesome, but one of those nights I’m glad is over
  • I had an incredibly intense week
  • Not just busy, but all week just felt this overwhelming spiritual warfare
  • I have gotten more comments and emails during this series than any other series we’ve done and clearly God is doing a ton in the lives of people at Revolution as we walk through the book of James
  • It has been crazy to see how God continues to grow Revolution and sending more and more people to our church each week
  • It is humbling to be a part of it
  • Tonight was all about having a love for Scripture and what to do with that
  • Too many Christians are content to read their Bibles simply to get smarter and do nothing with it
  • Reading the bible should wreck us, it should remind us the greatness of the gospel and stir a passion in us to be on mission
  • I was really excited to share the news tonight about our merge with The Crossing
  • They will be joining us and what we do on April 23rd
  • This next step is really strategic as we think through being a church that multiplies and as we work towards putting a site or church plant on the northwest side of Tucson in the next 2 years
  • Another piece of that multiplying puzzle I signed up for this past week
  • In May, I will be heading to Seattle for a week to be at the Soma school
  • Can’t wait to spend the week there and see how they have multiplied and truly created a movement of churches all over Seattle
  • There have been so many incredible things that God has been doing behind the scenes of Revolution over the last few months, so excited to be going public with a lot of them
  • More to come
  • Today was also a day of reminiscing as Katie and I moved here 4 years ago today
  • Crazy to think we’ve been here this long, excited for the next 4+
  • I’m going to sign off so that I am well rested to watch my Steelers win their 7th Lombardi tomorrow
  • You heard it here, The Steelers will win the Super Bowl

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