Tonight I announced our plans to have The Crossing Church join us. They are a solid church that meets on the Northwest side of Tucson. We have been talking and praying with their leaders for a few months about what it would look like for them to join what we do. This really fits into our goal of wanting to be a multiplying church because our goal is to launch a site or a church plant on the Northwest side in the next 2 years.

Starting Easter weekend, The Crossing will join us. We will continue to meet in the same spot on Saturday night. Our staff and leaders will stay the same. There are a lot of things that Revolution does well and a lot of things that The Crossing does well. By partnering together, we will be able to make a bigger impact in the city of Tucson.

We will be sharing more details over the coming weeks as we get closer to The Crossing joining us at Revolution. We will have some strategic nights where The Crossing joins us, Paul will go to The Crossing to lead worship and I will be preaching there a few times. I said tonight that I am more excited about Revolution and the future of our church and what God is going to do in Tucson than I’ve ever been. I believe our best days are ahead of us, get ready.

I would ask that you pray for our leaders as we work through all the details and that come Easter weekend, we can hit the ground running together and make an impact in this city and continue to help people find their way back to God.

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  2. I too am excited by what God is doing in both churches, and where he seams to be leading. Having a church that is intentional in reaching the lost has been on my heart for several years. I believe God wants to use each person, as we live out our lives, to reach people he loves that do not yet know him.

    I am honestly tired of church the way it has been in the past, but want to actively be a part of what God wants it to be. I am on board with what God is doing, and believe the Acts 29 vision (what I understand of it) is right in the middle of his heart for the lost, and for this city. I am glad we get the opportunity to connect with you and Revolution!

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