Links to Start the Week

  1. Dave Mathis on The fairy tale of Universalism.
  2. John Piper on How to say what you believe. Really helpful.
  3. George Barna on 6 huge themes emerging in churches from the year 2010. Really insightful research for pastors and leaders.
  4. Andy Stanley on Being a courageous pastor.
  5. 5 things you have to believe and know before you plant a church. If you are thinking about planting a church, this is a good gut check to look at.
  6. A free chapter from the book “For the fame of God’s name.” This book is so good. This chapter is called “Abortion is about God.”
  7. Recently, Tim Keller was interviewed on his book Generous Justice. I’ve nothing but amazing things about the book and it is getting closer and closer to the top of the pile. Here is part 1 and part 2 of the interview.
  8. A primer on reformed theology. This is a great list for those that are curious about reformed theology.
  9. Will Mancini on The 5 horizons of leadership and how to use them.