8 Reasons God Allows Trials in our Lives

Tonight, we kicked off our series on the book of James and looked at trials and storms in life. I shared 8 reasons why God allows trials in our lives:

  1. To test the strength of faith.
  2. Trials are given to humble us, to remind us not to let our trust in God turn into presumption or spiritual self-satisfaction.
  3. God allows us to suffer trials in order to wean us from our dependence on worldly things.
  4. God allows trials to call us to eternal and heavenly hope.
  5. Trials reveal what we love.
  6. Trials teach us to value God’s blessings.
  7. God uses trials to develop us with enduring strength for greater usefulness.
  8. God uses trials to enable us to better help others in their trials.


4 thoughts on “8 Reasons God Allows Trials in our Lives

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  3. Good stuff Josh. Just read through James again; I’ve forgotten how much is in these 5 chapters. I’m excited to hear and see how God uses you and you teach through it. Also, 4:13-17 is tough, but solid comfort and encouragement… certainly needed to pray through.

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