Stop Complaining

Last week I talked about the process of how we become more like Jesus (sanctification). Paul clearly lays out how this process works in Philippians 2:12 – 13. If you missed it, you can listen to it here. On the heels of this in verse 14 he says, “Do all things without grumbling or questioning (complaining).” I had always been told that this means we shouldn’t complain, “God doesn’t like whiners” I was told.

One of the points I made in my sermon was when God is making us into more like Jesus, he will help us along the way. Maybe we need to grow in patience, he will send someone into our lives who will make us impatient. If we need to trust Him more, maybe He will allow things to happen in our lives so that we have to choose between worry and faith. You get the picture.

This morning, Katie and I were talking more about it because we had small group last night and she said, “What if that verse is also talking about all the things God has already told us to do and made clear in Scripture.” Things like giving, being in community, sharing our faith, being on mission, worshiping, being a part of a church, using our spiritual gifts. What if, when we don’t do those things, we are complaining or questioning God’s ways because we aren’t doing them. Someone at our small group last night said, “I started giving back to God when I realized I was commanded by God to do it, that it wasn’t an option. That changed everything.” What if, by not doing something God has already called us to, we are questioning him and by doing that, we are stopping the process of sanctification. Paul makes very clear in verses 12 – 13 that we and God partner in the process.

What if, by not doing what God has called us, we are making sure we don’t experience all that God has in mind for us? For example, if we don’t give, we are ensuring that our faith won’t grow, that we won’t trust God and that we won’t see God move in big ways. Every time you meet someone who prays big prayers, has enormous faith, does not worry, you are talking to someone who is generous and trusts God with their finances.

So, what are you doing that might be keeping the process of sanctification from happening? What things has God already made clear in scripture, things like being in community, praying, reading Scripture, giving back to God, sharing your faith, inviting people to church, etc. that you aren’t doing. What if, you started doing those things, what would happen? Would God move in your life in bigger ways if you stopped questioning Him in that way?