This Weekend @ Revolution: What do I do with Loneliness?

We are kicking off a brand new series this Saturday and not only that, it is our 2 year anniversary. So, we are celebrating with a big night, having a baptism and we have challenged everyone in our church to come to church in pairs. Katie and I have been praying through and talking with friends about coming to church this Saturday and I have been hearing from many Revolutionaries about family and friends they are bringing. Can’t wait to see what God is going to do this Saturday.

We’ll be spending the next 3 months going line by line through the book of Philippians . The whole point of this series is to look at what we do to make ourselves happy, the things we try, the things we emphasize in our lives from stuff, jobs, hobbies, relationships, marriage, sex. All in the hopes of being fulfilled and happy. Yet, statistics show that very few Americans are happy in their jobs, marriages or life. What if in the midst of all our searching we have missed the point and gone after the wrong thing? What if happiness is not what we should be looking for?

To start off our series, we’ll be looking at Philippians 1:1 – 11 and looking at how to handle loneliness, whether or not relationships, marriage or community can fulfill our needs. It is going to be a night where we peel back some layers and look at how we go after things in life and if those things will do what we want them to do and what we hope they will do.

It is going to be a powerful night.

So, do whatever you have to do to get to Revolution this Saturday night! And come expecting to see God move and do something huge in our lives.

Remember, we meet at 5pm at 6620 E 22nd St.

See you Saturday.