Who to Ask For Leadership or Volunteering

All churches are volunteer based. This makes leadership in a church different from other organizations and comes with its challenges and joys, like all leadership.

Something all churches always need is more leaders and volunteers. Ask any student or children pastor and they will tell you they need more people. Small group pastors are always looking for leaders and hosts, same with worship pastors. But how do you figure out who to ask? Obviously, you need to determine someone’s fit for the team, their character and spiritual maturity (this matters more depending on the role). I

f it comes down to a few people, ask the busiest person. There is a reason someone is not busy and someone else is. When hiring someone, remember, there is a reason someone is unemployed and available. Busy people have outside lives, they are in high demand. Busy people get things done.

Now, you may wonder, but won’t they burnout? Why not ask the person who isn’t busy? I have learned that sometimes, people aren’t busy because they are lazy and sometimes they aren’t busy because they have chosen not to be. As far as burnout goes, you need to be aware of what someone can handle and if they have time for it.

I have learned this though, high capacity people are in high demand in all aspects of their lives. Low capacity people are not. When looking at a potential leader, ask, are they leading in other areas of their lives? Are they in high demand at work, in other organizations? Are others seeking them out as leaders? If not, there is a reason.