You Rock

Last night we had our volunteer appreciation dinner. What a night.

The theme of the night was “You Rock.” We (as the staff team) even sang a song with the same title about what our volunteers do and mean to us as a team. When we say they are the backbone of what we do and that what we do as Revolution would not happen without them, those are not just words. Here is the video of the song:

The goal of the night was to say thank you but to also remind everyone that we couldn’t do Revolution without them, that it would fall apart. We showed that with dinner. We grilled chicken that wasn’t done on time (in fact it wasn’t ready until almost 45 minutes late, not on purpose). When everyone arrived, I had over 10 people ask me what they could do to help. We even had to tell people to stop working and enjoy the night. Love that attitude.

It is humbling to me that guys show up at 7am to set up signs on the side of the road so that people can find out about our church and find their way, that people show up at 2pm to start setting up for the band, kids areas, signs, prepping food and drinks, that teachers prep during the week and then show up to love on our kids and teach them the gospel, that people sit in booth running lights, sound and computers, that greeters make people feel welcome, the list goes on and on. Then, they tear it all down after we are done and they do it week in and week out without complaining, always bringing their A game all so we can help people find their way back to God.

As I stood in front of our volunteers last night, I was struck by a thought. There were 4 times as many people in the room last night as compared to when we started the church. It is amazing to see what God has done and the people who have bought in, the time and effort they pour in to make Revolution happen every week. I cannot say thank you enough.