5 Reasons I Love Being a Part of Revolution

Usually, I do a Saturday Night Mind Dump after church each week, but I was spent after Saturday night. It was one of those nights that God did a lot and moved in a powerful way and when I got home, I had nothing left. Because of the weekend I’ve had and what God is doing right now in my life and at our church, I thought I’d share why I love being a part of Revolution:

  1. Sunday night we had our basics class. I loved sitting with people who are trying to understand Christianity, want to learn how to read their Bible, don’t know what the difference between the Old and New Testament and have a billion questions about Jesus and the Scriptures. It fires me up that our church is working hard to reach people who don’t know God.
  2. We start a brand new series on Saturday on 2 Timothy called Ultimate Fighter. I’ve had a few pastors tell me they could never do a series at their church called that. The more I read 2 Timothy the more I believe God is going to raise up an army of Revolutionaries to change our city. The main theme of the book is that following Jesus is hard, will be filled with obstacles, setbacks, but that we should have courage because the battle is already won.
  3. It was blown away on Saturday night at the people who came forward to pray as couples, to lay baggage at the cross. It was so humbling to watch. For those people, this is the first step to experiencing the freedom that God dreams for them.
  4. Over the last month, we have had close to 50 first time guests. I love that God trusts us with all those people. I pray that we steward those gifts well and help them on their journey.
  5. Right now, it feels like a very intense week spiritually in our house. Whenever that happens on Monday, I know that God is up to something for Saturday. I think Saturday night might be one of those most powerful nights we’ve ever had at Revolution. You don’t want to miss it. If you have been thinking about inviting someone to church, this is the night to do it.