This Weekend: Unstoppable…Promise

Last week was a great kick off to our series Unstoppable and this week will be even better, Luke Simmons, Lead Pastor of Second Mile church in Phoenix will be with us. God has been doing some incredible things at Second Mile and I am so excited about having a good friend here to share with us. He will be talking about the promises of God and whether or not God’s promises us that we can be unstoppable (hint: the answer is yes). But what are those promises? Where are they? What do they mean for us as individuals and a church? How do those promises translate to our families and jobs?

It is going to be a great night!

So, do whatever you have to do to get to Revolution this Saturday night (and don’t forget to bring a friend with you)! To use an e-vite, just go here.

Remember, we meet at 5pm at 410 S. Pantano Rd.

See you then.