Do What Only You Can Do

All leaders are the same. They all have strengths. They all have weaknesses.

Many leaders and churches want to focus on weaknesses and figure out ways to improve on them. Ironically, this makes sense but is the wrong way to go. Larry Osborne said, “Successful ministries (and leaders) ignore their weaknesses and focus on their strengths.” Put another way for leaders is the question Andy Stanley asks in his book The Next Generation Leader, “What about your job, your abilities, your passions can only you do? Figure those things out and give everything else away.”

Now, as I have made this a part of my leadership and as we have strived to get to this place at Revolution, there are some roadblocks in our thinking. People can look at that statement and say that “the leader is just trying to be lazy.” Or, “They are giving away jobs no one wants to do and keeping the good jobs.”

The lazy part will depend on the leader, but the second part is not true.

Here is what I’ve learned, the things that drain me excite someone else. The things I dread to do makes someone salivate at the thought of doing that task. The same is true for the things I love to do.

As our church has grown, this has shifted for me. While I made a list of what only I could do when we started, more was on the list because of what needed to be done every week to make Revolution happen. But that list gave me a framework of who I was looking for so that I could hand stuff off. While I am not doing what is on the final list (Andy suggests having 3 things on your dream list), I’m getting closer.

So, what about your job can you give away? What can’t you give away? What can only you do? Why are you doing more than those things?

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