Radicalis Notes

We left Radicalis a day early. We wanted to get back to our kids, get ready for church on Saturday and we were just overflowing with information. But, in case you missed my notes, you can get them all below.

Main Sessions:

Individual Learning Track: Preaching for Life Change w/ Kerry Shook & Tom Holladay:

6 thoughts on “Radicalis Notes

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the notes, Josh! I was unable to view all the sessions and when I tried to download the notes from the web page – it all came out in that russian-computer-greek print that I don’t know how to fix! Your detailed notes and comments are a Godsend!

    Btw, Nehemiah is one of my favorite inspirational stories, can you give me the link to view your sermons online?

    May God richly bless all that you hope to do at Revolution to lift up Jesus!

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  3. Thanks for putting this together. I’m a Saddleback member, but wasn’t at the conference. I’m thankful for the opportunity to read through your notes.

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