Radicalis Session 5b: Radical Cross (Mark Driscoll)

They had Mark Driscoll preach on the cross after Rick Warren spoke on compassion, which was awesome. It was a great combination.

Here are some thoughts:

  • We need cross centered churches, not cause centered churches
  • Jesus cannot love us anymore or less
  • Crucifixions were done publicly and shamefully
  • Martin Luther said, “Our theology is the cross”
  • Jesus begins at devastation, Jesus knows the pain and hurt we are going through
  • To the end, Jesus is preaching grace and compassion on his enemies
  • The cross is our good news
  • The cross is something done by you and something done for you
  • Christ died for our sins
  • It is no use to preach a gospel you do not use
  • Don’t add anything to the cross
  • Your ministry is from your righteousness (given to you by Christ), not for your righteousness (if we believe this, we won’t be down when attendance/giving is down and we won’t be up when attendance/giving is up)
  • Our identity is in Christ, not what we do
  • When you suffer, God is not punishing you, He is honoring you (He is allowing you to experience what Jesus experienced)
  • If you think God is punishing you, you run from Him not to Him
  • Too many pastors teach a cross they do not use

This was a great session (definitely spoke to me more than any other session), more of a sermon as it was based on Death by Love, a great way to set up communion. It was a pretty overwhelming session.

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