Next Series: Building a City Within the City

As we kick off 2010 at Revolution we are doing it with a bang! This Saturday we are starting a brand new series on the book of Nehemiah called Building a City Within the City. This will be the biggest and quite possibly, the most important series we have ever done at Revolution.

The idea is based off of Matthew 5:14 where Jesus says his followers are to be “the light of the world. A city set on a hill that cannot be hidden.”

Followers of Jesus, the church are to be a city that is a light. Not a city that builds walls to keep the culture and world out. Instead, the church is to be a city within a larger city. For Revolution, that city is Tucson.

In the words of Jesus, “Revolution is to be a city within the city of Tucson. We are to be a city that loves Jesus, and loves the city of Tucson and shows them the way of Jesus and how to do life.”

The book of Nehemiah is the story of one man who God called to lead a movement to restore the city of Jerusalem. The city of Jerusalem in the book of Nehemiah very closely resembles what the church is supposed to be. A beacon in a dark world, a voice calling out the culture to live life differently.

As we look at the book of Nehemiah, not only will we begin to see what God has called us to be individually (our life purpose) and how that plays out at home, work, school and life, but also what God has called us to communally as a church. Each week, we will look at different topics like prayer, God’s will, marriage, work, mission, sex, money, worship, rest, grace, greed, who God is and we will look at what the city of Tucson believes about these topics and how that impacts how our city lives and what God has to say about these topics and how that should change us as followers of Jesus.

To help with this series, I wrote a study guide that goes through the background of Nehemiah, who Nehemiah is, why we are studying this book, what the major themes of the book are, as well as daily questions you can use in your own personal time with Jesus, as a couple or as a family. We want to immerse ourselves as a church in this book over the next several months. You can access the study guide here.

Here is what the next few months at Revolution looks like as we go through Nehemiah:

January 9:  Two Cities  (Nehemiah 1)
January 16:  Prayer & Planning  (Nehemiah 2:1 – 8)
January 23:  Mission & Mockery  (Nehemiah 2:9 – 20)
January 30:  Leading & Laboring  (Nehemiah 3)
February 6:  Pain & Progress  (Nehemiah 4:1 – 14)
February 13:  The Sword & the Trowel  (Nehemiah 4:15 – 23)
February 20:  Greed & Grace  (Nehemiah 5:1 – 13)
February 27:  Humility & Hospitality  (Nehemiah 5:14 – 19)
March 6:  Diversion & Deception  (Nehemiah 6:1 – 14)
March 13:  Completion, Critics & Continuation  (Nehemiah 6:15 – 7:4)
March 20:  Participation & Progress  (Nehemiah 7:5 – 73)
March 27:  Air War & Ground War  (Nehemiah 8:1 – 12)
April 3:  Partying that Provokes  (Nehemiah 8:13 – 18)
April 10:  The God Who Reaches  (Nehemiah 9:1 – 37)
April 17:  Change & Covenant  (Nehemiah 9:38 – 10:39)
April 24:  (Sub)Urban & Missional  (Nehemiah 11)
May 1:  Movement & Bricks  (Nehemiah 12:1 – 26)
May 8:  Dedication & Delight  (Nehemiah 12:27 – 43)
May 15:  God & Money  (Nehemiah 12:44 – 47) 
May 22:  Anger & Action  (Nehemiah 13:1 – 14)
May 29:  Life & Work  (Nehemiah 13:15 – 22)
June 5:  Fathers & Fighting  (Nehemiah 13:23 – 31)

I hope you’ll join us as we learn how this movement called Revolution will be a force in the city of Tucson.

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