#2 of 09: What is the 30 Day Sex Challenge?


Tonight, one of our next steps was to challenge our church to participate in the 30 day sex challenge. I wanted to take a minute to explain what it is, what we are challenging you to do and how to participate in it.

The 30 day sex challenge was originally developed by Relevant Church in Tampa, FL. The idea is to create a challenge that would move married couples to higher levels of intimacy while at the same time challenging those that are not married (single, dating, engaged) to higher levels of purity and integrity.

So here is the challenge.

If you are married, to do the 30 day devotional guide with your spouse everyday and have sex everyday for the next 30 days.

If you are not married, to abstain from all things sexual for the next 30 days. Self love, porn, oral sex, sex, fill in the blank for the next 30 days and while you are doing that, go throught he devotional guide.

What do you do if you are engaged or dating? Do the singles guide because until you are actually married, you aren’t married. For more on the ways we make it okay to have sex outside of marriage, you can listen to tonight’s talk.

Now, how do you do this?

You can subscribe here to get it by email or you can put this blog into your google reader and every morning the singles and married guide for the day will be sent to your email inbox or reader (starting Monday, October 5th).

You can go to our website, download and print out the married guide and the singles guide.

You can also become a fan on our facebook page and it will appear in your newsfeed on your facebook page everyday.

The reality is that one of the main reasons many marriages end or are unhappy is because of their sexual relationship. Many of the problems that couples experience begin before they get married and often, before they even meet the person they are married to.

If you are a couple that has lost some ground in your sexual relationship, are on the edge of adultery, dealing with sexual addiction, need to spice up your relationship or want to raise the level of your sexual relationship, then this is definitely for you.

If you are not married and are struggling with not having sex, you are struggling to keep good boundaries, struggling with sexual addiction, then this is something you should definitely do. This will help to create good boundaries, while at the same time working through the issues that sex outside of marriage brings about.

Here is a great way to know you should do it, if you don’t want to. That is the clearest sign that you need to do this as a couple or individual.

Any questions about this, let us know.