Happy Holidays from our Family

It is amazing how quickly time flies- this year I read that the days go by so slowly and the years pass by quickly. As a family with 3 kids under four, this is our reality!

This season has been great fun to continue holiday traditions since our kids are getting a little bit older and can remember and understand more. Josh has been leading the way making sure that we pause each day to study the story of the Bible as we do the Jesse Tree. It has been hard trying to keep all of the ornaments on the tree, but well worth the effort- Gavin says that Christmas is sparkly.

This past fall we celebrated our one year anniversary as Revolution Church. We have been so busy getting everything done each week that sometimes we forget how far we have come- Last December we hired our 2nd full time staff member, Paul Ingram, to be our Worship & Arts Pastor, then this spring we hired his wife, Jennifer, as our part-time Children’s Director. Our attendance has nearly tripled since our launch and we continue to attract those people who want to take the next step in their spiritual journey, as well as those who are far from God. We have an amazing group of volunteers and leaders that help to make Revolution effective at helping people find their way back to God.

Hard to believe that this February will be our third year in Tucson. It really feels like home- March will be 2 years that we have been in our house, which we still love and echoes constantly with laughter and the sound of 3 little kids! Speaking of the kids, they are growing like crazy. Our newest addition, Ashton, celebrated his first Christmas this year- he just turned 10 months old and has just taken his 1st steps in order to keep up with or run away from his 2 other siblings. Gavin is in the throws of his 2’s. He is either compliant or stubborn, but always a joy. Currently, he is potty training and we hope to have that wrapped up by the time family is in town for the holidays! Ava turned four this year and has been enjoying her weekly gymnastics class. She will start kindergarten in July of 2010! (We live in a year-round school district, so school starts early.) She is very excited to start school. She has a little friend in the neighborhood who will be going to the same school as her!

Katie is busy keeping up with the kids and house. She has been spending time developing relationships with other moms and families in the neighborhood. Josh quit his Doctorate program this year to focus more on the practical side of church planting and growth. He is immersed in a coaching network that has been extremely helpful in putting processes in place. Josh has done an incredible job leading our church and home; all the older women of the church always pull me aside to let me know what a wise and spiritually mature husband I have!

So here is to a new year with more memories, fun, and hopefully a little more sleep!

The Reich Family

Josh, Katie, Ava, Gavin and Ashton

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