Favorite Albums of 2009

One of my loves in life is good music. The other day someone was looking at my iTunes and said, “You have 180 days worth of music on here.” I thought, that’s only half the year.

So, in case you are curious, here are my 10 favorite albums of 2009 (they weren’t all released in 2009, I just bought them in 2009):

  1. The Swell Season:  “Strict Joy.” It is hard to describe this group and album, but simply put, this is such a beautiful record. It is one of those albums you sit and listen to with a good cup of coffee and a book with your sweetheart snuggled in.
  2. Skillet:  “Awake.” Hands down the best rock album of the year. Period.
  3. David Crowder Band:  “Church Music.” DC band always puts out great stuff. By far, my favorite worship leader from the whole passion movement, definitely the most creative of the bunch. Church music does not disappoint.
  4. Dashboard Confessional:  “Alter the Ending.” I’ve been a big fan of Chris Carrabba’s since he was in Further Seems Forever. The last few DC albums have been okay, but this one is back to how it began. It might be his best one yet.
  5. Kings of Convenience:  “Decarations of Dependence.” Closely behind The Swell Season falls the new album by KOC. These guys just get better and better. In fact, my favorite iPod playlist is Swell Season/KOC.
  6. The Fray:  “The Fray.” We used several of the songs off this album this year at Revolution for various things. This is just a great album to have playing while you are hanging out.
  7. Jason Mraz:  “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.” Really surprised I liked this album as I wasn’t a big fan of his other stuff, but this album has been on pretty consistent play in our house this year. Great grooves and his voice is awesome (and Katie digs it).
  8. Rise Against:  “Appeal to Reason.” This is the second best rock album of the year. This band does not slow down, the first song grabs you by the throat and will not let go. Very important for a rock album.
  9. Switchfoot:  “Hello Hurricane.” This is a big step forward for this band. Feels a little like their old stuff, but definitely different. Has more of a Radiohead feel, which from my perspective is not a bad thing if you can pull it off. Which they did.
  10. Our Lady Peace:  “Burn, Burn.” I have been a fan of this band since Clumsy came out. Just good, straightforward rock. The singer’s voice is incredibly unique, which is what sets them apart.

In case you are curious, here are my favorite books of 2009.

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