Ignite: How to Spark Immediate Growth in Your Church

Just finished Ignite by Nelson Searcy. I had to read it for the coaching network I am in.

What this book looks at is how people find your church, how does your church do evangelism, reach people. It walks through how this happens on an individual basis, corporately, the pastor’s role in this and how to keep the tempature hot in this area.

The longer a church is around, the longer someone is a Christian, the easier it becomes to not reach people or care that people are going to hell. We forget what it feels like to not know Jesus, not have an answer, live without purpose. We start to like the comfort of knowing everyone and begin to protect our turf and let other churches reach people.

If you as a church are not reaching people, if you personally are not building relationships with people who don’t know Jesus, you are telling your city to go to hell. This always gets me in trouble with well-meaning Christians, but follow the logic. If someone doesn’t know Jesus spends eternity apart from Jesus in hell, if you don’t reach them and don’t care to reach them, what are you saying by that? You are saying, “We don’t care if you go to hell.”

At Revolution, this is not acceptable. We will not be that church. Period.

I’ll be talking about this in a few weeks, but who right now are you building relationships with that you are going invite for Christmas. Over 70% of our first time guests come with a friend. Over 85% of Americans say they would go to church if someone invited them.

This book lays out how a church creates a system where inviting people to church and into a relationship with Jesus is normal and happens all the time.

Definitely worth reading.